Grupo NC Salud

Health and Wellness

GRUPO NC SALUD. A growing company that teaches you to take care of your health and feel good about yourself.

Who are we?

The Grupo NC Salud includes, among others, two important companies oriented to Welfare and HealthNutricion Center and Super Premium Diet.

The main objective of Grupo NC Salud is to teach people to eat well and to introduce in their everyday life healthy habits that help them to feel healthy and, above all, happy with themselves.

It also offers professional consulting services of Nutritionists, Psychologists, Doctors, Chefs and Personal Trainers to help you to achieve your goal.

We also offer therapies in which we help you to stop smoking and to overcome symptoms of hormonal changes.

Our work philosophy arises from the belief that there are no two people alike and, for this reason, we establish personalised diets taking into account the parameters of each person on line or in person. Grupo NC Salud bases its work on a pillar: the professional support. To accomplish these objectives, we have over 400 professionals throughout Spain and Portugal.


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